Thought Elevators Review | Thought Elevators Free Download

Thought Elevators Review | Thought Elevators Free Download

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2019)

By Sabrina

Product: Thought Elevators System
Price: $47.00
Best Place To Buy:
Product Claim: A 3-Minute Trick To Have The Most Successful 30 Days Of Your Life
Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (No Questions Asked!)
My Rating: 7.0 out of 10

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for Thought Elevators.  I received the Thought Elevators in exchange for my personal review. All statements are my opinions and experiences and should never be confused or mistaken for medical advice.  Click Here for more information.

I was wondering the same thing myself…

You know, in my 10 years of Thought Elevators Reviewmeditating, I’ve come across a lot of programs that promise a lot of things. You will get rich today, you will have perfect health today, you can get that new car today.

Everything has to happen today!

So when I first started researching the Thought Elevators Systems, I ran into this little diddy here:

“This Secret has been used by successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs, Einstein & Richard Branson… and you can use it right now to dramatically improve your levels of abundance… ~From the desk of Eric Taller

So now you’re thinking, ‘Oh wow, Steve Jobs used this… he’s a millionaire! or Richard Branson… Oh my gosh, he can do whatever he wants!’

And of course, your next thought is… will this work for me?

Or maybe you might be thinking, what is thought elevators? Is thought elevators a scam? Why should I care?

To give you a quick, brief description, it’s a series of videos and “subliminal” messages created by Eric Taller to improve your life. It’s directly related to lucid dreams and though elevator will directly help you have more lucid dreams. Thought Elevators Systems Review

Well, there you go. You got it? Lol 🙂

No worries, let’s get into more detail…

What Is Thought Elevators Based On?

Ok, here’s where we get into the good stuff.

When we are talking about the mind, you have to remember that researchers have realized that the mind is malleable. So what I mean by that is you can mold it, and change it with the practice of this type of meditation.

How they determined this, was the study of meditating monks.Thought Elevators Systems Review Over a period of time, Stanford University analyzed the brains of several meditating monks. They found that through their specific style of meditation, new neuro-pathways had formed in the brain.

They determined this is the reason for their experience of more joy, their ability to effortlessly attract their desires, and take the hard work out of their success.

The secret is… You can have all this too!

Alpha, Beta, Theta Oh My! What Brainwaves Mean To You!

When I first started learning about the brain, I was hooked! I aced sociology and psychology in school and even decided to go to college for it… Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out 🙁 But no worries, we are here right! Lol.

So, what are brainwaves? I’m glad you asked…

These guys are at the root of all our behaviors. Our thoughts, our emotions, and even our behaviors are the result of communication between the neurons running around in our brains.

what are brainwavesThe way our brains produce brainwaves is by synchronizing electrical pulses from the masses of neurons that are communicating with each other.

There are 5 main brainwaves that we know about. They are Delta waves, Theta Waves, Alpha Waves, Beta Waves, and Gamma waves. These waves are based on frequency.

For example, low-frequency waves are a deep penetrating frequency, whereas the higher frequency wave is more like a high pitched frequency. Like a high pitched flute.

Now, depending on what you are doing, depends on what your brainwaves are doing. In other words, when you are feeling tired or sluggish, then slower brainwaves are dominant. When you are wired or hyper, then higher frequency brainwaves are dominating.

And This Has To Do With Mind Elevators Because...

Because the monks in the Stanford University study used a deeper style of meditation. They put their minds into the Theta State. Just like you would be under hypnosis.

The Theta State is the state you want to be in to transform your mind. It’s the secret behind Thought Elevators and Elevating Your Brain to the next level.

It is said that when you get to this state you can effortlessly attract success without the stress of hard work and excruciating efforts.


Thought Elevators Review

I remember the first time I had entered the Theta State. It was from a free CD that had come in the mail. They wanted me to purchase their product. And I did! That opportunity has changed my life forever.



It hasn’t happened overnight. Actually, I’m still working on it, and enjoying every step of the way. But just taking that step and starting that change. It was the best decision I ever made.

Don’t pass up your opportunity…

It can take decades learning how to get your brain into the Theta State. However, with this new Stanford Study, it seems that maybe Thought Elevators may have discovered an easier way to do it.

In Fact, Enter Your Theta State Now! Learn How To Reshape Your Mind Your Today! All It Takes Is 4 Easy Steps…

So, How Do I Get To Theta State In 3 Minutes?!

Meditation for anxietyYou already know that thought elevator is a series of subliminal messages that you “feed” your mind. You can listen to them whenever you want. You can listen to thought elevator at night, at the gym and while you are walking, etc.

By doing this, messages and ideas will plant in your mind and you won’t even be aware of them. Also, the messages showed in the videos will leave an everlasting impression on your subconscious mind.

It’s the basic explanation of the thought elevators program. Which gives you the ability to sculpt your mind, and your ideas.

These steps have been used by regular people just like you and me… As well as successful artists and writers, meditators, even successful Fortune 500 CEO’s have jumped on the bandwagon.

They all people who are looking to improve their lives and abilities to live their days fulfilled financially, emotionally, and spiritually. Have you been craving health, wealth and happiness?

A 3-minute long video a day and see it start to change things.

But how does it work on you?

How Does Thought Elevators Work?

Thought elevators works by getting you into the habit of watching videos regularly. The thought behind this is, regular watching, will seep the messages into your mind.

By doing this, these messages will start to attach themselves to your thoughts, actions, and therefore eventually your life.

Thought Elevators ReviewYour mind will be subject to positive thoughts and ideas and it will happen continuously. Eventually, you will start believing the affirmations and you will see the real change in your life.

The goal with Thought Elevators is to rewire your brain. To take action, to pursue those goals. This is not your typical ‘attract your desires’ program. You need to take action… That’s that main theme here.

As Eric Toller would say, “What’s the point of telling the universe you’re ready for success if your subconscious mind stops you from claiming what the universe send you?”

The 4 Steps Of Thought Elevation:

I found thought elevation very easy to use because you can use it anytime you want and anywhere you like.

Here are the 4 Steps I had referenced above:

STEP #1: Clearing Your Mind

The first step will clear your mind from all worries and stress. You will find some effective guidelines about how to remove stress, worries & depression from your mind. It will help your mind to only accept positive thoughts and prepare itself for guided meditation.

STEP #2: Priming the Positivity Pump

The 2nd step of this guided meditation is pumping up positivity which will make your brain think only positive thoughts. After this step people around you will notice a gradual change in your personality.

STEP #3: Daytime Dreaming Visualization Technique

At this step, you will find instructions about how to visualize new ideas for achieving your goals. After this step, you will start to find it very easy to accomplish your goals.

STEP #4: Elevation Of Theta State

This step is necessary to reach the theta stage. You will learn in this technique how to relax into your deeper mind to reach the theta stage. After this point, you will be able to attract health, wealth, and success with little to no effort.

What’s Inside Thought Elevators System?

Thought elevation is a kind of guided meditation where it will give a change to your mind and eventually to your life too.

It’s also easy to work and no more complication. It’s a well produced and high quality guided program. With meditation videos to bring positive effortless attractions to the various aspects of your life.

Inside the thought elevators system, you will find videos for every aspect of life.  These Are:

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Anxiety & Stress
  • Business Success
  • Energy
  • Ideal Partner
  • Ideal Weight
  • Perfect Health and Healing
  • Relationships
  • Wealth & Money

How Does Thought Elevators Work?

These guided motivational messages are prepared to absorb by your mind automatically. Your capacity for joy will increase as well as you’ll be manifesting financial abundance and security.

Unlike, most programs that require you sometimes to sit for hours, or take big chunks out of your day to do, Thought Elevators requires little work from you. You put your headphones on, watch the 3-minute video, then turn on the audio in the background.Meditation for relaxation

Doesn’t matter whether driving, eating, getting ready for the day, or whatever it may be. The music is set with Theta Wave empowering audio. This audio will automatically reprogram your brain while you are going about your daily routine.

For example, if you think in the way affirmations work. I’ve done, and still do it to this day. You stand in the mirror and say your affirmations out loud to yourself.

After a while, your subconscious starts believing it too!

This is just an example of how this program works. If you stay consistent with your practice, your life will change dramatically. You will be able to effortlessly attract wealth, success, and happiness.

Your sleepless nights of tossing and turning will be gone. This meditation for stress relief will erase all stress about paying rent, family problems or overall life satisfaction.

Through guided meditation messages you won’t have fear and regret. Your choices will become easier and your life path will be clearer.

You will find the hope you need and the secured future you deserve.

Who Is Thought Elevators System For?

You will be amazed to know that you will find several bonus pdf ebooks included in this package!

These gems are:

1.) How To Plant A Money Tree:  This is an Ebook explains how you can start making ‘passive income’. This means keep earning even AFTER you’ve stopped putting any work and time into it. Effortless.

2.) Recognizing Your Soulmate: This is probably my favorite bonus Ebook, (16 pages) which explains the best ways to find your soulmate and improve your relationship with him/her. 

3.)  I Love Myself Workbook:  This is more of an exercise Ebook which will guide you through the beginning stages and show you what to work on specifically each day.

4.) Manifesting Health For Boomers:  This is a great Ebook which gives a lot of information about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

     5.) Hand Over Fist Money Making Ideas:  This Ebook shows you some effective money making techniques.

The Good And The Bad Of Thought Elevators System:

I have found thought elevators a very effective guided meditation system. Below you will find some things I liked and a couple that I didn’t like about this program.

What I Liked:

  • Not very time consuming
  • Very easy to understand
  • Includes a variety of topics
  • Has both Videos and PDF format
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Flexibility that works for you
  • Not too much meditation
  • Great Product Support Team
  • Strong Community Forum

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Overnight results will not happen
  • No hard copies
  • Does not come with a Glossary or Index

Thought Elevators 60 Days 'I Don't Like It' Guarantee:

There is no excuse when it comes to taking the step towards a better life with this program with a 60-day money back guarantee!

If this program, for any reason, is not what you expected, your money will be refunded back to you. No Questions asked!!

Thought Elevators FAQ
Thought Elevators Frequently Asked Questions From The Website

My Final Thoughts On The Thought Elevators Program:

If you noticed, I rated this program a 7.0 out of 10. The reason for this is because I think this is a great stepping stone and a wonderful way to start your journey into meditation and changing your life. And you can’t beat this price!

In my opinion, I think this program could be 100% life-changing… If you take action and do it! It’s based on the repetition of the stimuli into your subconscious. So, it will take some time for your brain to adjust.

Please be patient, these kinds of changes do not happen overnight. However, the more you practice, the more you will start noticing little changes happening in your life. You may not be able to place them yet, but you know they are there.

Thought Elevators ReviewAfter a while, you will start noticing bigger changes happening. The small things in life seem to be huge and will make your life magical. The things you want and need will start flowing to you. With little to no effort.

If you have the drive to change your life and attract health, wealth and happiness effortlessly, then consistency shouldn’t be a problem for you!

Take a second to imagine what your life would be like if your capacity for positivity and joy increased. You are able to finally manifest financial abundance and security.

No more worrying about paying rent, family problems, or just the overall satisfaction of life.

No more having that lump in your stomach when you think about your bills, credit cards, or debt that keeps increasing.

No more fear, regret, or hopelessness that you are not living up to your potential.

Start thinking positively! Start imagining what it’s like to have the car you want to drive or that dream house you saw on the lake.

Start thinking NOW that you have money to do these things.

Thought Elevators ReviewIf you are thinking about buying it, you probably should. The price is reasonable, and the program comes with a 2 month or 60-day money back guarantee. Just for not liking it.

It’s all about consistency and willingness. It’s time to make a change. It’s time to take this opportunity. It’s time to make a choice!

Buy Thought Elevators Today! If You Are Not Satisfied – Just Send It Back – No Questions Asked!

Purchase Thought Elevators TODAY & Receive 9 Of The Most Powerful Mind-Altering Videos & Audios To Date! Join The ‘Lazy-Man’s’ Movement To Transforming Your Life – Reshaping Your Mind & STOP Attracting Failure!

Keep moving forward 🙂

What do you think about Mindful Meditation helping with Chronic Pain? Are you a believer in the practice or a skeptic? I would love to hear any and all of your thoughts!

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“Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.”

– Sylvia Boorstein

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