How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation In Our Daily Lives

How To Practice Mindfulness Meditation In Our Daily Lives

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)

By Sabrina


“In today’s rush, we all think too much–seek too much–want too much–and forget about the joy of just being.”
– Eckhart Tolle

a quick review of mindfulness in plain English:

How to practice mindfulness meditation

Before we learn How to practice mindfulness meditation in your daily life, let me give you a quick simple review of mindfulness in plain English.

If you practice mindfulness meditation regularly, it can lead you to a place of greater focus, awareness of your life and surroundings, as well as give you an overwhelming feeling of peace in your life.

In simple terms, mindfulness is being present in the current moment. The right now… not the future and not the past. It’s what you feel now and what you see with your eyes now.

It doesn’t matter whether you are angry, depressed, tired, or stressed… mindfulness will help you to open up your new eyes to a brand new world. You will have stronger relationships and will be able to raise your threshold to remain calm during life’s ups and downs.

With practice, you’ll notice It’s a gradual process of always increasing awareness, and into the workings of your reality. It does take years for some people to get to this point, but I will tell you the journey is well worth it!

mindfulness meditation practiceOne day you will wake up and notice that something about you has changed… but you really can’t put your finger on it. And that’s okay, don’t over-think it. Just go with it. What’s happening here is you are starting to chisel through those walls of yours opening up to the presence of light.

When this transformation is complete, it’s called ‘Liberation’. Liberation is the main goal of all meditation practices. But to attain this Liberation, there is some work that needs to be done on your part.

This kind of life doesn’t just happen… It’s earned.

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my personal journey into daily mindfulness:

mindful meditation practiceI’ve been practicing mindfulness meditation for over 10 years of my life now. I meditate for an hour every morning. If I miss a day for any reason, my whole day seems to be off…

Kinda like you stubbed your toe when you first wake up in the morning kinda grouchy lol 🙂 It follows you all day right!

However, even with these amazing benefits, it’s very difficult, in today’s busy world, to stick to a consistent meditation schedule. Sometimes it may be impossible to find even 1 min to just sit and relax…

This is where mindfulness meditation techniques come in. A lot of people don’t realize that meditation can come off the cushion and be used in daily life.

You can practice mindfulness while doing pretty much anything. Once you’ve been practicing for a while, you’ll notice it’ll start naturally blend into your busy life.

mindful meditation practice thoughtsAnd, there are a bunch of creative and interesting ways to include mindfulness meditation practice as you go about your daily life. Some may seem weird but, it’s my routine.

Everyone is different, you need to find what works for you!

mindful meditation practice

The Examples Below Are How I Personally Practice Mindfulness Meditation Into My Daily Life:

mindfulness meditation techniques while drivingI tend to drive in silence, or with classical music very low. The reason I do this is so I have so time to myself. I have a roommate at home and I work all day. I don’t get much quiet time to myself. So I take advantage of this.

Now some people may think this could get boring… but, when you’re in the moment and have a certain awareness, nothing is boring!

For example, I’ll watch other drivers out of curiosity, I’ll look at how green the trees are this morning or I’ll just say my positive affirmations on my way to work.

It clears my mind to prepare for what’s coming my way!

mindfulness meditation techniques while Walking with dogWhen I walk, a lot of times I listen to affirmation recordings. I do this so I can focus on my affirmation and be aware of my surroundings while being in nature walking.

I will be aware of the ponds, the birds, the sun, take in deep breathes smelling the beautiful air…

Even while at work, I will walk away from my desk and take a walk every 2 hours to clear my mind, get some fresh air and just be in the moment away from other people and things.

They say walking is one of the best exercises you can do. Even if just a half hour a day is better for your body and mind than none! Walk throughout your day!

nile-goose by pondAnd while doing so, make sure you are being mindful and aware of your surroundings… look at the colors of the trees, see the beautiful colors of the birds you may walk by, watch the fish as the leap out of the pond, or the turtles passing by!

Relaxing in poolBeing in the water in one of the most refreshing things you can do, in my opinion.

I absolutely love being in the pool. I will walk around, I will swim, do some exercises, all while being aware of my body, my movements and how they feel…

What I love most of all, however, is when it’s all said and done and I’m just laying there relaxing in the water.

Being aware of how the warm sun feels in my face, the smell and feel of the breeze passing by, listening to the birds chattering to each other, or even just hearing and watching the people around me.

Enjoying nature by lake

This was a big one for me because I am absolutely an animal lover to my core… yes, I am one of those that cry when that damn ASPCA commercial comes on with all the all the sad and abused puppies 🙁

I don’t know why it’s every time! So, now I just flip the channel quick whenever it comes on lol.

So, getting back into nature… I have noticed that I am more into nature more now than ever! I have much more respect for Mother Earth and her environment. This dawned on me one day while standing on my back porch watching this Orb spider build her web.

Apparently, they rebuild their webs every day starting at dawn. So here I am, standing there, coffee in hand, watching this spider in amazement. She was so tiny but working so damn hard to get that web finished by day break so she could catch something to eat.

By the time she was done, it was one of the biggest webs I have ever seen!

The thing is, I’m terrified of spiders! Or, at least I thought I was… guess it really was all in my mind right? And when I mean terrified, I mean having a spider come down on me while I’m driving.

I ended up flying across 3 lanes of traffic to pull over on the side of the highway, jumped out of my car and FREAKED out! lol… It was a great day let me tell ya 🙂

This was years ago… I’m telling you this because as I sat watching this spider I realized, I’m no longer afraid of them.

Now, I’m not saying I’m not leary of them still. But the fear is no longer there. I have a love for them just as I do for all Mother natures animals.

mindfulness meditation techniquesI believe this is all due to my practice of mindful meditation and the awareness of my surroundings.

This has actually made my life magical. And once you get your mindfulness meditation practice down, your life will be magical as well.

Now you don’t have to go trotting through the forest to enjoy nature. I live down here in FL. When I take a walk I’ll find myself enamored by the local ponds and their foliage. Stopping to look at how green the lily pads are, the fish hopping out of the pond.

I’ll notice the birds, and listen to them chattering to each other. We have a lot of cranes and ducks down here that hang around the ponds. They walk around looking for fish or food.

I’ll start noticing their colors and how beautiful they are. I’ll watch them eat, and think of how they are getting nourishment from the earth.

I can go on and on but, I think you get the idea 🙂

The next time you outside try it. Look at the trees and just absorb the colors of the trees… really concentrate on being in this moment only in life.

Think of nothing else! Bet you they’ll be the brightest damn leaves you’ve ever seen 🙂

Do this every time you go outside. Take stock in your surroundings, don’t just put your headset on and walk aimlessly through this beauty.

You will miss the abundance around you.

mindfulness meditation techniques while feet in grassOh, and make sure to take your shoes off every once and a while and walk barefoot in the grass… Close your eyes and take the time to feel the sensation of the grass and Mother earth’s energy beneath your feet.

Imagine it’s traveling up your legs spidering out as it goes upwards.

It spreads into your arms, filling your chest, then swimming around your mind. Feel it’s warmth as the energy vibrates through your body.

Be AWARE of this. Be open.

Once you have practiced your mindfulness meditation techniques for a while, being open and more aware of your surroundings will come easier than you think!


This, right here, maybe the hardest thing for some people to do! Reason being, we live in a world of the “information highway” that has us running through life with our heads down, phones in hand.

We are run by businesses that require us to strive farther, work harder, put in more hours so you can make sure you are meeting those deadlines!! When we slow down physically, it helps us slow down mentally.

And, if you find the time to slow down try to use it to meditate! It’s some of the best ways to use your free time.

Focused flying Owl

We all have heard of ‘multitasking’. I’m pretty sure most of us have read it on a job description… “must be able to multi-task”. Right? I know I have.

Here’s the thing about multitasking… most people believe that by multitasking, they are being more productive. But they couldn’t be more wrong about this.

I have now found that this is a myth. In all actuality, it ends up draining us faster.

We end up spreading our attention so thin when trying to complete multiple tasks at once.

Not only this, but you really are not being any more productive. And because you are trying to keep up with so many things at once, you are mindfulness meditation techniquesnow prone to making mistakes. We are just busier, not more productive with the possibility of making costly mistakes.

So, slow down and take on only one thing at a time.

Three Minute Mindfulness MeditationsThroughout your day try to take time away and do ‘3-minute mindfulness meditations’ as often as you can.

This is a big one that I practice daily throughout my day. When I get frustrated, stressed, or even aggravated, (especially at work), I will go outside and take a walk.

I’ll find a nice spot away from people, close my eyes and focus.

I focus on my breath, all my attention, nothing else. If thoughts start to enter my mind while doing this, I simply let the thought pass through with no attachment.

mindfulness meditation techniques

Bringing my attention back to my breath.

This can happen numerous times during one of my 3-minute mindfulness meditations. Every time this happens, I just take my attention back to my breath as many times as I have too.

No one is perfect. Thoughts are going to creep in while you are meditating. You can’t stop these thoughts when they come in.

Just acknowledge they are there and let them go with no attachment.

And I know I keep saying this, but I want to make sure you understand the longer you stick with your mindful meditation practice, this will become easier as time goes on.

Three Minute Mindfulness Meditations:

Even after 10 years of meditation, I still have thoughts that try to run through my head.

I can’t stop them either… so don’t be so damn hard on yourself. Let it go.

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My Final Thoughts:

mindful meditation practiceThe idea here is wherever you are, mindfulness can be there if you open up your awareness and let it in.

Pay attention, no matter where you are, mindfulness can be used in your daily life.

Whether you are driving, walking, swimming, in nature, or stopping to do your 3-minute meditations, mindfulness can be intertwined into your everyday life.

Honestly, the more you practice, this will start happening automatically.

Remember, it’s all about letting go… this is very hard for most people to do. Most feel like if they are not worrying or micro-managing something will go terribly wrong.

But in less, it’s life-threatening, what could be so bad?

When I start worrying about something, for me, it turns right into anxiety and I can’t get it outta my mind. I’ll even write it down with the hopes of getting it out of my head but it never works.

The only thing that works for me is acknowledging what’s bothering me, and say to myself, “is this something that can be changed? Something I can do about this situation?”.

practice mindful meditation

If the answer is no, then I let it go. Like I referenced to above, I let the thought that’s been worrying me flow through my mind with acknowledgment and no attachments.

You can do this, as long as you believe you can… don’t let the time it takes and the practice deter you.

Like I said the journey is as fun as the result! Just like life right…

It’s not the only end result that counts, it’s also the journey along the way! So enjoy it…

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There is no more constant worry about something that turns into anxiety. If I’m depressed about something, may last about a day.

Temper anxiety agitationYes, I do cry… but if it’s something that I know I can’t change, I no longer dwell on the situation as I used too…

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You will not be sorry you did 🙂

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“All that is necessary to awaken to yourself as the radiant emptiness of spirit is to stop seeking something different, and to turn your attention inward to the awake silence that you are.”

– Adyashanti

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    • Hello Habib,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I will definitely have to try this. I usually just talk to the universe letting Her know how appreciative I am of everything she has brought to me whether good or bad. Have a wonderful day 🙂

  1. Hi Sabrina. Many thanks for sharing your story and how mindfulness practice has helped you in your life. I totally believe that by becoming more aware of our-self in any situation we become more able to deal with any situation in a more appropriate way. Its like when you suddenly realized you were not afraid of the spider anymore. The fears you felt previously were not based on anything rational, and being in a mindful state while observing the spider building her web actually allowed you to see the situation for what it truly is- just another act of nature doing what it does….. without any ill intentions towards you. I like mindfulness more than meditation because we can incorporate it into every aspect of our daily lives. Kind regards 🙂

    • Hello Andrew, thank you so much for the wonderful comment! Yes, I absolutely agree that mindfulness meditation is the way to go for most. Especially in today’s world where mindfulness is needed now more than ever. I love the way you explained my interaction with the spider. You explained it much better than I did, so you got it 🙂
      I feel now one with Mother Nature, instead of feeling afraid. Once we become self-aware and are able to take it off the pillow into your daily life to me is magical. I no longer have the anxiety, depression, and self-destructive habits I had years ago that I thought, at the time, would never ever go away. I’m so blessed that mindfulness found me! Good luck in your life’s journey and keep moving forward 🙂

  2. wow! great use of media. Loads of good content and the more we work on ourselves the better life we will acquire nothing like finding a peaceful place to clear the head! And I love the way you write it’s like listening to a friend talk. Thanks for the article I sure know some people to send to your site.

    • Hello Doc, thank you for the comment 🙂 Please share the wealth of information here with your friends and family. This is why I started this Blog. I want to help those that may be confused or mislead by natural or complementary medicine and mindfulness to help with everyday life as well as chronic pain conditions. I also appreciate your kind words regarding my site. To be honest, I was worried about the way I write because some people may not think it’s ‘intelligent’ enough. But I just wanted to talk to you. Not talk at you. Please, do hesitate to let me know if you have questions. Thanks again 🙂

  3. Thanks for the nice article! I’m impressed you meditate for an hour every morning! I meditate daily too, but I do it only for about 15 min. It’s had a massive positive effect on my life though, I feel a lot less stressed and anxious about things. I also love to spend time in nature, listening to birds is my favorite thing and it really brings me down to earth. I also try to incorporate mindfulness into my daily dog walks, which is another great way to relax 🙂 Animals, in general, have an amazing calming effect.

    • Hello Lotta, thank you so much for the wonderful comment 🙂 Yes! Animals are wonderful at calming and assisting with lowering anxiety in many people. I’ll tell you, I have a Chiweenie, she’s my heart… It’s like when I touch her, or even just have her next to me, then I’m calm. But I can feel when she’s not there. Animals should be used in all kinds of therapy and I’m glad to see the popularity of what these wonderful animals are capable of melts my heart in happiness 🙂 As far as meditating for an hour a day… I made it my routine. It took a while to find the right routine that worked for me though. I found that getting up an hour earlier every day to meditate before work fits into my life. If I wait until after work or any other time it relaxes me so much that I don’t want to move afterward Lol 🙂 I wish you very much luck in your own journey 🙂

  4. Sometimes we read things that were just in time. It is easy to get thrown off track. I try to be consistent with meditation, even in small amounts. Clearing your mind and freeing yourself from the thoughts and the world around you is liberating. Thanks for keeping me on the path.

    • Hello Thomas! Thank you for the comment 🙂 I don’t believe in coincidences. This has made my life magical once you’re open enough to notice them. You were brought here, this was something you needed to read to get yourself back on your journey to self-awareness and happiness 🙂 Keep moving forward my friend!

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