7 Myths About Mindfulness In Plain English

By Sabrina Ah, this is just New Age Hippie sh*t. This is usually the response I get grumbled to me when I try to discuss mindful meditation with a skeptic.Like I said in my previous post, Do you know what Mindfulness is for, a lot of people see mindful meditation…

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Let Me Tell You How To CBD ~ What It Is & What it Isn’t

By Sabrina Throughout the years I have tried so many different alternative pain methods in hopes of at least taking the edge off my pain, and most have failed.After hearing about all the hoopla and supposed positive outcomes with CBD Oil, I decided to start my research.And so it began...My…

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Do You Know What Is Mindfulness For?

By Sabrina A lot of people I've talked to have never heard about it. Or maybe they've heard about it in a passing moment, either a conversation with a friend or a blurb on social media. But never took any stock in it.Mindfulness meditation has taken off in popularity over…

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What Is The Practice Of Mindfulness Meditation, The Purpose?

By Sabrina What Is the Practice of Mindfulness Meditation, the Purpose? There is an element in Buddhist traditions that is more valued than any other element, even more than concentration. This new element is awareness.So in other words, Buddhist meditation uses concentration as a tool in their mindfulness meditation practice.…

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Alternative Treatment For Chronic Pain

By Sabrina That's a good question, isn't it? What's the treatment for chronic pain? As time goes on it seems that this question gets harder and harder to answer.  When you get sick, you go to the doctor.  The doctor will, most likely, write you a prescription.  Then you will make the…

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