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Are You Tired Of Feeling Like Poo Every Day? You Are Not Alone! Many Chronic Pain Sufferers In The Search For Relief, Turn To Natural Health And Wellness Therapies. Including Mindful Meditation, Self-Suggestion, and Positive Thinking. Some Are Helpful. Others Not So Much. Here You Will Go On A Journey And Find The Latest Information And Reviews On Some Of The Top Mindfulness & Meditation, Complimentary And Alternative Medicine and Alternative Products for Your Mind, Your Body & Your Soul. 
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Quote Of The Week…

“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.”

~ Buddha

Meditation and Mindfulness

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Meditation and Mindfulness &
Natural Health and Wellness
What Are They?

If You are looking to improve your ability to focus, be fully present in all situations, accelerate healing, strengthen your immune system, open your information channels and even get help with depression and anxiety then maybe mindful meditation is for you! 

What is mindful meditation?  

It is a progressive practice that has gained widespread popularity among people from all walks of life.  Including but not limited too, spiritual healers and self-improvement enthusiasts.  These are all people who understand the importance of stillness in a very turbulent world.  ‘Mindfulness’ is mostly described as being calm, having awareness of your physical senses, environment, feelings, and thoughts.


Complimentary alternative medicine 

can offer lasting relief according to some compelling research.  Sometimes prescription medication and over-the-counter painkillers, (currently the most conventional source of treatment), is not overly effective at treating long-term chronic pain. 


We will be discussing ways to use natural cures for pain which will include, but not limited too, natural health and wellness, natural supplements and new non-pharmacology pain management techniques.  And we will also be talking about more familiar complimentary alternative medicine such as yoga, massage therapy, and acupuncture.


Please Note: It is not advisable to replace a prescribed regimen of medication, especially without consulting a doctor.

See Medical Disclaimer Here.

I’m Happy To Report That Drug-Free Treatments In The Area Of Pain Management Has Been Showing Some Promising Results!  I Recently Read That 75% Of Complimentary And Alternative Treatment As Well As Chronic Pain Centers Across The Country Have Seen Promising And Successful Results With Therapies That Didn’t Come In The Form Of A Pill.  This List Below Is But A Meir Example Of What You Can Achieve When You Attain Mindfulness…

Natural Health and Wellness- Your Body
  • Get Off Addictive Medications
  • Find Long Lasting Relief
  • Excel Physical Healing
  • Strengthen Your Body
  • Lose Excess Weight
  • Fights Depression and Anxiety

Unfortunately, There Is No Quick Fix, No 3-Step Program, And Certainly No Medication To Attain Mindfulness.  But, By Practicing Simple Daily Exercises, You Will Soon Begin To Experience Some Neat Benefits.  This List Below Is But A Meir Example Of What You Can Achieve When You Attain Mindfulness…

Meditation and Mindfulness - Your Mind
  • Improve Your Ability To Focus
  • Learn To Be Fully Present & Heart-Centered
  • Excel Physical Healing
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Increase Grey Matter In The Brain
  • Higher Dopamine Levels
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